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Makeup Brushes

Face Makeup Brushes
Kabuki Brushes, large
  kabuki brushes, all
  squirrel kabuki brush
  fine white goat hair kabuki brush
Powder Brushes, large

  face powder brush, all
  squirrel powder brush, pure
  squirrel powder brush Only $28.90
  goat hair powder brush
Powder, Blush Brushes

  face powder, blush brush, all
  pure squirrel
  squirrel blend
  goat hair
Contour Blending Brushes
  blending, contour brush, all 
  pure squirrel hair
  squirrel brush
  goat hair
Eye Makeup Brushes
  eye makeup, brush all
  pure squirrel
  squirrel eyeshadow brush Only $9.90
  goat fur
  sable (not sold separately)
  kolinsky sable (not sold separately)
  nylon New! (not sold separately)
Foundation / Concealer Brush New!
  Large Foundation Pure Nylon (not sold separately)
Concealer Pure Nylon
(not sold separately)
Fan Brush New!
  Large Fan Brush Pure Water Badger (not sold separately)
Makeup Brushes, by hair types
  all pure squirrel, and sable makeup brushes
  squirrel and sable makeup brushes
  goat hair and sable cosmetic brushes
  kolinsky sable cosmetic brushes
  Synthetic Nylon brushes New!
Badger brushes

Makeup Brush Sets

Cosmetic, or Makeup Brush Sets, all
Squirrel Kabuki and White Goat Hair Kabuki Brush Set
(2 brushes)  

Fine White Goat and Kolinsky Sable Makeup Brush Set (9 brushes)
New!  Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
    Mini Makeup Brush Set (8 brushes) Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
   Squirrel Blend. Travel Makeup Brush Set (6 brushes)

Pure Squirrel and Synthetic Brush Set (12 brushes
Pure Squirrel Makeup sets
(9 brushes)

   makeup brush set 1, (9 brushes) with One pure squirrel makeup brush
   makeup brush set 2, (9 brushes) with Two pure squirrel makeup brushes
   makeup brush set 4, (9 brushes) with Four pure squirrel makeup brushes
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
Squirrel Blend. Travel Makeup Brush Set (6 brushes)
Squirrel Blend. Mini Makeup Brush Set (8+1 brushes)
Squirrel Blend. Makeup Brush Set (9 brushes)
Goat Hair, Cosmetic Brush Set (9 brushes)
Makeup Artists Tools, Masters Collection Makeup Brush Set,  28-piece set
Sale $259!
(For professional makeup artists, and glamour models)

Makeup Brushes 101

Kabuki Brushes Comparisons & FAQs NEW!
Product Reviews, more NEW!
Makeup Brushes Tricks, How to use NEW!
Compare quality and prices of Famous Brands
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How to choose, makeup tricks, etc
FAQs, incl. makeup brush care cleaners, instant spray or brush shampoo, which brands..
Makeup brush hair types, and brush terms

Other Beauty Tools

Makeup Sets 
Makeup Train Cases
Makeup Palettes
28-pc Makeup Brush Bags (Rollup Bags) SALE $36.90!
9-pc Makeup Brush Bags (Rollup Bags)  
Makeup Brush Belt (Apron) SALE $28.90!
Face Forward, by 
Makeup Artist Kevin Aucoin

Mineral Makeup

Mineral Powder


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Makeup Artist Master Brush Set (Professional Use) $259.00

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Makeup Brush Care And Other FAQs

How do I know if my makeup brush is shedding?


MORE TESTS, such as Round Powder Brush Test, COMING SOON!

 Shedding test for makeup brush is a tricky one because it does take a few applications and may even need a wash or so to determine whether the brush is indeed 'shedding' or are the strays just some loose hair left over from the 'production' bench consequently may indeed not be 'shedding' at all. BUT, for some you can tell right away the brush is D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival)! So, how do you check if the makeup brush sheds terribly? Run your fingers through the hair. Then, brush it on your hand like you would do normally when you are applying your makeup but just do it on your hands. Most makeup brushes will have a few stray strands during the first few applications as explained above. So, try to brush it a few more times over, just to be sure. If after having brushed it a fair number of times over your hand and if the hair still seems to come off quite easily with more than 10 (more or less, use your good judgment) strands at ONE time, then it is quite likely to be 'shedding'. If it is shedding, then you don't want it! Move along and test another one! You can tell if a makeup brush is going to give you trouble the moment you see this happen!!

If this happens to be our makeup brush (which we are confident it is not), then you are backed by our '3-Month Warranty Against Shedding'*! So, simply return it and we will repair or replace it free of charge, PLUS we will reimburse your shipping BOTH ways! To find out more about this warranty and our Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*, see here! Why 3 months? Because, if it doesn't shed in 3 months, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that it will shed in 1 year or 3 years or even more unless of course, it wasn't given the proper care! See how
What causes a good makeup brush to turn bad?

Terms and Conditions Apply

Can makeup brushes cause breakouts or rashes?

Yes, dirty makeup brush is not only unhygienic but is quite likely to worsen or cause more breakouts, rashes or any other pre-existing conditions. Especially, if you have very sensitive skin or rosacea. Therefore, you should always clean your makeup brushes as they almost always have build ups of makeup, oil and bacteria. Besides, cleaning your makeup brushes will ensure that your makeup brushes will last for a very long time to come and keep them in tip top condition for your next use.

Which makeup brush cleaner should I use?

There are many brush cleaners available. Two excellent brands worth mentioning are Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver and "Pink Soap" Artist Brush Cleaner and Conditioner. They both clean and rinse out very well. Moreover, they help condition your makeup brush hair. They are available at any good art supply store.

 However, you can also simply use a good quality shampoo such as the one you're using for your hair. If it is good enough for your hair it must be good enough for your makeup brushes! Try not to use some lower quality shampoo as they could dry the hair out. Although some prefer glycerin based soaps or cleanser, we do not recommend this for a'squirrel  PURE SQUIRREL makeup brushes as pure squirrel hair are very absorbent thus can absorb any 'oil' in the cleanser. As a result, may take longer to rinse out. I guess this just proves further that we use the real stuff to make our makeup brushes! :) But if you come across a good one, do let us know so we can put it up here and share it with others. Just use our contact us form here. If you do want to use glycerin based cleanser or soap, use the one with less glycerin in it. And, be sure to rinse them out thoroughly. If not, you will notice that your makeup brush will start to feel just a tad greasy and less 'fluffy'!

How do I clean my makeup brush?

If you are using the two brands mentioned above, please follow the manufacturer's instructions. Whatever brush cleaner you decide to use, just be careful not to let any cleaner or water run inside the ferrule, as this can weaken the glue used to hold the hair and cause shedding problems or even wobbly handles. Always keep it at a slight angle (almost perpendicular) with the hair tips facing downwards, NEVER UPWARDS!

If you decide to use good quality shampoo, again always keep it at a slight angle (almost perpendicular) with the hair tips facing downwards, NEVER UPWARDS!, first, carefully wet the makeup brush hair. Place some shampoo on your fingertips and gently shampoo the hair. Shampoo in the direction of the hair. Pay special attention to the hair near the ferrule. Rinse it under gentle running water, thoroughly. Gently press it flat in a towel to dry. It is also a good idea to lightly press it back into shape. You can then leave it to dry flat on a dry towel or HANG it up (suspended) with the hair tip facing down. REMEMBER, never ever leave it to dry with the hair facing down or up, in a glass or container! The hair should not come into contact with any surface whatsoever while drying! Makeup brushes that dry upright (with hair pointing or facing upwards) will begin to cause particles to collect in, and water to run into, the ferrule and will soon begin to cause the hair on the makeup brush to fan out or shed and can even cause the handle to come loose or wobbly.

How long should I leave it to dry for?

This depends on the type of makeup brush you cleaned. Smaller makeup brushes such as eyeshadow brush, lip brush, etc would require less time to dry than the bigger makeup brushes. In general, it is best to wash your makeup brushes at night and leave it to dry overnight.

I'm in a hurry, is there an Instant Makeup Brush Cleaner I can use?

Yes. There are instant, spray-on brush cleaners that most makeup artists use when they are on the job and in between makeup applications or clients. Two examples are  Brush Off and Parian Spirit. They also have (chemical) disinfecting properties and dries off almost instantly. Great to have one just in case you need to clean your makeup brush in a hurry. Although, they are great to use if you are really in a hurry, they should not be used as a substitute for good regular cleansing. 

What causes a good makeup brush to turn bad?

Many different reasons could lead to this. So, just because you buy a good set of makeup brushes doesn't mean that they will stay that way. Proper care and a little common sense goes a long way. For example, when cleaning a brush never set makeup brushes to rest in water container. Nothing ruins a brush quicker! Read the section on how to clean your makeup brush above. 

A lot of damage can be done in a just a few minutes so try not to let the children, pets, boyfriend, or partner use or play with your makeup brushes. 

Also, see that you are using the makeup brush correctly. That is, a makeup brush should only be used for the purpose they were intended for. For example, if you buy squirrel makeup brush for powder or blusher, avoid using it to dip into your thick liquid foundation. As you will not only waste your foundation because squirrel hair is very absorbent hence will 'pick up' more foundation than you need, it can also collect foundation inside the ferrule! This can subsequently lead to 'wobbly handle syndrome' in the future. 

Is it necessary to buy Top Quality Makeup Brush for each different purpose? 

No. Synthetics such as nylon, instead of natural bristles, can be used for eyebrow groomers, eyebrow brushes or mascara wands as they are meant to be stiff and synthetics will still do the job. However, for other types of makeup brushes, it is important to buy only top quality makeup brushes as lower quality and synthetics just will not do the job. Nothing can substitute high quality Sable, Squirrel, Goat, Pony, etc...Nothing! Think of makeup brushes as an investment. Buy the best makeup brush that you can afford, treat it right, and it will repay you many times over! So, if you can't afford to buy the makeup brushes all at once, buy them one at a time until you have a full set. Don't waste money with lower quality makeup brushes that simply won't do the job. Top quality makeup brushes can last for a very long time some can even last a lifetime if you treat them right. Learn about the different hair types used in making makeup brushes here as it will give you an idea on the prices you should expect to pay for them. Bear in mind, however, that 'cost' or 'value' of different hair types mentioned there is given more from a manufacturer's point of view in terms of the cost of manufacturing (or hand-making cost, as all high quality makeup brushes are handmade!). In reality, prices (not 'value' or 'cost') of makeup brushes are greatly influenced by brand marketing so their prices do not always mean top quality. a'squirrel  has Top Quality Makeup Brushes at affordable prices with all specifications and details provided so you know what you're getting. To Take Advantage of  a'squirrel Makeup Brush Offers, please click here  for more details!

Why is there a difference in makeup brush hair types, sizes, styles, etc between one brand of makeup brushes and another?

Caveat emptor (Let the buyer beware)

There is no law that says all brush manufacturers have to follow any particular guideline when it comes to making brushes. So, some less honorable companies might skimp here and there on the brush hair to save on manufacturing costs or costs of the final products. Moreover, a makeup brush can be labeled "sable" or "squirrel" but that does not mean the makeup brush is made of that hair purely. Some are mixed with many different hair. So buyer beware! To learn more about the different hair types used for makeup brushes, please click here.

Why is my brand new sable lip brush hard when I first got it?

When you purchase any new sable makeup brush, for example sable lip brush, sable eyeshadow, sable eyeliner brush, etc., it almost always have sizing (waxy-like substance) in it, which manufacturers put in the makeup brush to protect them. The sizing cause the makeup brush to feel very stiff. The manufacturer puts the sizing in the brush to protect it. Some brushes (like a'squirrel sable makeup brushes) are also protected by a plastic tube over the bristles. When you are ready to use the brush, remove the plastic cover, and throw it away. Best NOT to try and put it back on the brush! You can remove the sizing on the sable makeup brush either with a little water (just wetting your fingertips for smaller brushes) or by gently rubbing off the sizing from the brush with your fingers dry. Remember, gently!

The above information is intended solely as a helping hand and not as a definitive guide. Please read our Terms of Use.

>> FAQs on Kabuki Brushes and Bobbi Brown, Cat Cosmetics, more here..

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